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03-27-2013, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
It's fairly obvious Bolland isn't fitting in well as their #2, and he needs to be back down as their #3. They don't need another guy like Bozak or simply for comparison's sake, Eakin, they need a legit #2A center. If their management has said that, I've never seen it, nor does it really make sense to me, personally.

It's not so much the fact that he can't, but more the fact that he hasn't even been given the chance. That indicates one of two things - he's simply not good enough to even deserve a chance, or management just doesn't like him. Both make sense though, so it's tough to tell, but I do think it's more that he's simply not good enough to merit their attention and get a chance.

And you're right, he's almost 22 and still hasn't even gotten a shot at an NHL spot. And before you toss out the "he could be a late bloomer", that excuse won't hold. For every Jamie Benn, there are 10 Wandells out there who don't become anything.

We can get a better, and possibly younger center for Roy. None of Chicago's centers stand out to me, not just Pirri.

Gaunce and Schroeder are two guys I do want, though.

22 is not a late bloomer. It just isn't. Especially not when you're talking about an actually good team that has recently won a Cup and maintains most of the core that did so. 21-22 is exactly the age we should be looking at; he's spent three productive seasons in the AHL and is ready to get a shot at contributing in the NHL on a mediocre team (us).

And I couldn't care less what fans think Chicago needs. Bowman said over a month ago that he was looking for a checking center, someone that adds grit and veteran experience to the lineup heading into the playoffs. Whether you or other fans think Bolland isn't a capable 2nd line center is beside the point. The person who is calling the shots publicly said that he was in the market for a 3-4th line center. Now, it's possible he was not being completely honest but we can only go by what he said.

We know Eakin has the ability to play a checking role in the NHL. If he gets pushed down the depth chart and remains a 3rd line center then that means we have great depth. For the life of me I have no idea why you would rather have midget Jordan Schroeder who has proven nothing in the AHL or NHL, or Gaunce who is only a point per game player in one of the higher scoring junior leagues in Canada.

Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
That's actually a lot closer than you'd think. And Chicago would be ridiculously lucky to have found a guy who turns into something like Hanzal that low in even the 1st round.
What's closer than I'd think? Hanzal is a great player to have but if I have a chance to add a more offensive prospect, who is closer to contributing in the NHL, over a big checking line center I'm going to take the point producer every time, especially when we have a young capable 3rd line center currently on the roster.

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