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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
In league play you have virtually the same players on each team for both the home and away games, so it makes it easier to compare the home / away records. The reason I used the WC for my study was because they have the most consistent rosters from tournament to tournament. In the WJC each year the teams have almost completely new players, so comparing the teams performance from one year to another isn't really valid. This is even more true with the Olympics. Also the reason I only went back 20 years with the WC is because before that is really a different era of hockey where some of the countries practically had full time national teams. My study pretty clearly shows that hosting is a disadvantage and I think uses a more reliable data set. I realize that if your goal is to diminsh or refute Canada's accomplishments in best on best tournaments then you are probably going try to find numbers that show differently but I think this can only be done by using garbage or irrelevant data. Look at how many times the USSR/Russia, Finland, Sweden, Czech or Slovakia have hosted either a WJC, Olympics, or WC and how many times as a host they have won. Winning gold as the host is not easy.
You used World Juniors data when it supported your opinion. But when it doesn't the data is not valid information? Very suspicious yes.

Objectivity and thoroughness are my #1 priority. I've analyzed host ice from every angle. On the contrary, your study contains a narrow and limited data set. You even use data when convenient, then discard it when not - World Juniors. You seem to have a vested interest in an outcome. Especially when you claim your opinion as fact. I'm sorry but no analysis can be achieved with such a mindset. I was expecting an honest and objective discourse. But I think people reading this thread are smart enough to see through nationalist tendencies and can gain something with this study. It's a shame but there's no point in continuing here.

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