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03-27-2013, 09:30 PM
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The acquisition of Lindback is not consistent with the move to Cooper. Lindback wasn't the immediate answer and Yzerman knew it. But moving to Cooper, Yzerman indicates that he wants to compete now and next season. This change may support the rumor's claim that Miller is an option for TB.

The question for Yzerman is whether or not Lindback can be the goalie we need him to be over the next season(s). With enough NHL experience he may become a serviceable NHL goalie (or even a perennial top 10 goalie). But when will that day come? Lindback has shown improvements and his numbers aren't terrible considering his inexperience. Vasilevskiy will (hopefully) be ready no later than the 2015-16 season.

On one side Yzerman has to weigh:
  • the risk of Lindback not allowing the team to compete now and next season.
  • the risk of Vasilevskiy not being ready in the next 3 years (or ever).

On the other side:
  • the cap hit increase from Miller.
  • the players or prospects traded away.
  • the risk of Miller not being an improvement (we still have defensive holes, too).


I don't think we should trade Connolly unless we get more of a guaranteed improvement - with immediate impact.

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