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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Receiving a single vote from one of 104 people on a three-center ballot does not make Fedorov a top-ten center. All it means is that one person had an unrealistically inflated opinion of him, as we have no record of what the other 103 of 104 voters thought of him. He couldn't even out-ballot players listed in the wrong position; that vote is meaningless and not at all reflective of your statement that he "received notable mention in Hart and All-Star voting... even in the first couple seasons after he left Detroit."
Yeah, I know we disagree on the meaning of small numbers of votes, but I'm 100% with you here. A single vote from a single (likely homer) writer is completely meaningless. I mean, we know how writers often vote - "well, this guy is the best, this guy is second best, I don't really care who is third best so I'll throw a vote at someone who I like or think is underrated." If multiple writers throw votes at the same guy, I think it does mean something (this is where we disagree), but if it's just one writer throwing a player a bone, it means nothing.

I don't even bother listing instances of single votes when I list a player's voting record.

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