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03-27-2013, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by bobbygore View Post
A predictable end for yet another disappointing season for the long suffering Sting fans. Its a tired old conversation but the one constant in this ongoing 20 year failure has been the ownership. The owners are clearly way over their heads(and have been for years) in trying to compete with the successful franchises in this league. The Sting will NEVER be successful until there is change at the top.It would be nice to see some one from the local media actually call out the owners on their abysmal record for once.

To make matters worse the fans now have the rebuild phase to look forward to in the next couple of seasons after being eliminated in the first round this year and last. No wonder half the building was empty tonight.And its likely to get worse next year.
We had some Sting fans in our building for games 1&2. They had some interesting perspective on things. They did not like the owners, they did not like your coach. Has anyone tried to buy Sarnia in recent years? You could guarantee a big shake up if it ever sells. My guess is that Jacques will not get the boot and your owners will get a piece of two before next year to appear to be trying to do something. On a lighter note. Although Plymouth beat you 4-0 in the series, I saw somethings that make me think that there is some players that show potential on that team. The big problem in this series was that Sarnia could not play with Plymouth in 5 on 5 situations. That killed them as far as I was concerned.

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