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03-27-2013, 11:49 PM
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If Not Now, When?

The consensus here seems to be 'Don't mortgage the future for the present'. I understand that we want to be perennial contenders. But what I don't agree with is the idea that in a year or two everything will fall into place and at that time MB should make a big move.

There are a couple of fundamental problems with this philosophy. First, as we know, there are no guarantees in the future. Sure, our young guys could continue to develop, but what if they don't? And even if they do, some of our current vets will certainly be shadows of their current selves. We have a great mix of rookies, mid-career players and vets right now.

Second problem is essentially the flip-side of the first: There are no guarantees. Here, I mean that even if we do develop into the team that we all hope for with a dominant defensive corps, three high-scoring lines, and size throughout the line-up, we could still face a first- or second-round exit. We've Halaked others and have been Halaked ourselves.

So my question again: If not now, when? When do we make a big move? When we are on the verge of winning the president's cup? When we lead the league in both goals for and against?

If we are a top-5 team in the league, and I think most here will agree we are, then now is as good a time as ever. 'But we would have to get through Boston and Pittsburgh and Chicago', you say. Well only one team wins the cup and if we're within striking distance, we have as a good a shot as anyone.

I suppose the more difficult question would be what move to make. We are almost victims of our own success. We have so much balance that there isn't a gaping need.

Still, if we could grab a Jagr or another impact player (particularly on D, with Diaz' health still a question and where our size could hurt over a long PO run), why not pull the trigger, even if we have to overpay some? Everyone seems obsessed with picks, but I'd rather maximize my chances of winning a cup (yes, now AND in the future), then increase the number of posts praising TT's drafting genius.

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