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08-10-2006, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Draft Guru View Post
Haha. It's funny, but true.

I guess I fit into that mold. Oh well, can't please everybody.

"I'm from Long Island. I curse alot and I say "yo" and say it often. I know what real pizza tastes like and I know that a bagel is more then a roll with a hole in the middle. Oh yea, it's a friggin hero, not a hoagie or a grinder, and I wash it all down with soda, not pop or cola. 4 am is an early night out and all good nights must end at a diner. A beer can be known as a cold one and we can get it at all hours. I don't go down to the shore, its called the beach. I know that 55mph really means 90. When someone cuts me off they get the horn and the finger and they expect it.I can hold my own in a fight & Im not afraid to curse at anyone. I'm from Long Island WhAT!"

Yeah I think the last pic I saw of you had the whole baggy clothes, gelled hair, necklace routine.

There was no doubt you were an Island boy.....

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