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03-27-2013, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
Well, if you think that being mentioned on an internet discussion board is "fame", then I suppose that IEH still has a few minutes left. Personally, I think that they are just fodder for the entertainment of folks on this Board, and not a serious player in the real show.

I was responded to a post by Killion who gave Clark credit for continuing to be "engaged" (through her blog and her band of acolytes, I suppose). Critiquing and deriding her blog is hardly "giving credence" to it.
Except you haven't seen us (Coyote fans) bring her up in the discussion here have you.... OR IEH for that matter??? Only people who bring her, or George Fallar, up in this thread are those who want to make smug remarks at and rarely, if ever, address what they actually say..... "for entertainment".

Go back and check the records while she was still a city council member, and her public postings since. She has been consistently urging city council to make the "hard decisions" to cut the budget, which means firing employees, among other things (note that "mass firings" was your characterization, which I suppose was meant as a rhetorical flourish). The point is that the cuts to services and employees in Glendale will have to be substantially more with a large subsidy to a Coyotes owner, than without. Even Skeete was able to figure that out. Now, Clark is advocating for going ahead with the cuts while preserving the $17 million in funds for an AMF to some ghost investor. I think we all know that it won't take anywhere close to that to hire someone to actually manage the arena. The extra money is reserved as a subsidy for a Coyotes owner (and indirectly for the NHL).
Nice try......

My characterization of "mass-firing" was a direct interpretation of you original comment claiming Clark was advocating nothing but firing employees. You want to nick pick this to death over the next several thread I'm game for it. Bottom line is you made a broad characterization on an item in her blog.

Oh BTW.... did I mention Clark had voted against the $100M parking plan for Hulsizer? She also stated at that same time she wouldn't go for a third $25M "subsidy" either.

Let me see... what is more irresponsible, advocating increases for police and fire or advocating for preserving a huge fund to be offered as a subsidy to an NHL team owner? I guess that depends on how much you like NHL hockey.
If you advocate to spend money you don't have then you are being fiscally irresponsible.... period. And yes.... that would include exorbitant AMFs... IF.... it wasn't necessary for the long haul.

I think that we both know that Beacon (or whoever) don't need $17 million to develop an arena management plan, but I can understand why Coyotes' fans would see that as a preferred maneuver.
You completely ignored the point which was two fold. Which was how does Beacon sell a group on an arena management when the the other party involved (Glendale) when that same party (Glendale) could be willing to take money away from the funds for it to cover irresponsible spending somewhere else. Remember the city was just caught using monies from one department to cover another. Some of it illegally. Or did you ignore that too??

In any case, this discussion has hit the doldrums. There is no real news, so we have to find sidelights to amuse us. I find amusement in poking fun at IEH and in the occasional swipe at Clark, who I find to be quite an unappealing character. The days are long past for actually finding any useful information and analysis on this thread. I suppose you might agree with that.
Yeah.... I'd agree.

But given Darren Dreger's tweets tonight along with John Shannon's a couple hours ago, I'd say things may be warming up again.

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