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03-27-2013, 11:23 PM
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Well they drafted other guys in 2012 that weren't flyers and they never showed up so what does that say?
That they didn't want to show in the first place. Like I said, draft kids that want to come.

You don't need to be 6'6 230 to be a shutdown D. Harrington a shutdown D with London, Cundari was with Windsor etc.. You don't need to be a 6'6 guy to be considered a shutdown. In fact the obsession with size has become crazy Maletta 6'3 so that makes him a power forward nevermind the fact he was real soft. Hunter Smith 6'7 going to be a great power forward with a great shot, well he could never get down the ice and skate well enough to find space on the ice, Bilcke 6'3 great power forward etc.. It's time to draft talent regardless of size if there's a big time sniper out there that's 5'9 or 5'10 go and take him. It's like Rychel found success in Nemisz and Young and figured it could be duplicated, his arrogancce got the best of him obviously. In fact if you're 6'6 230 your only hope is pretty much being a shutdown D because unless you're a Seth Jones, Shea Weber who can do it all your big D can't do much else.
Where did I say you have to be big to be a shut-down D-man? I said Sanvido IS a shut-down d-man with a giant wingspan and will be a good one in time.

Maletta has potential, but injuries have really hurt his progression. Jury is out on him. Hunter Smith...I've never really had an opinion either way, though I had high hopes. I don't recall saying Bilcke is a "great power forward."

I'm still not sure why you're harping on size when I didn't say anything about needing to be big in the first place.

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