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08-10-2006, 09:48 PM
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WOW, I just got back to this and WOW people realy jumped on my post.

It seems I must explain myself.

I realy do think Koivu CAN speak just a few words of french.
When and where he choses to speak them is entirly his decission.
The decission is not any press person or reporter to pressure Koivu.
It sure seems vary rude to me to see a reporter lay a linguistic trap like that.
Maybe he is NOT comfortable with his few french words and does not chose to use them in public, maybe he does not want to insult the french nation even by mistake.

Does anyone on earth actualy bevieve Koivu hates the french and refuses to even speak a few words??

Koivu is Finnish, not anything else. He wants to stay Finnish and continue to live and retire in Finland. Yes he plays for Montreal and he does so as a true professional, giving his all game in and game out. He is in NO WAY insulting the french nation by NOT chosing to speak french in public. Just like he is in NO WAY trying to affirm he is PRO english just because he gives intervue's in english.

Has anyone thought that this thing would just go away if Koivu gave his intervue's in Finnish only. That all the reporters would be happy if Koivu only spoke Finnish, because if he can't speak french then he should not speak english either. This would take away the perceived insult to the french nation.

NOW just who would be the bigot's then?????

NO, so what exactly was the purpose of that stupid question.
I find it much more likely that the question was intended to incite
contraversy, and it did just that.

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