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03-27-2013, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
Pietrangelo has one of the best hockey agents out there, he knew what kind of deal he could expect coming into this season. The reality is that there isn't a lot he could do this season that moves it significantly in one direction or the other. He'll get whatever term he wants and he was never going to get close to $8m unless he wanted to go down the offersheet road, and I'm sure that'll still be there for him in the summer anyway.

His situation is simply down to him trying to become a better player. You learn by mistakes and you won't become the best player possible unless you make them. He is trying to develop his offensive game and it is hurting us sometimes. It is frustrating to watch, but it isn't helped by the fact he doesn't have a great partner to be paired with for it.

Chris Stewart was in a contract year last season as well. Not sure why suddenly that becomes a valid argument now...

Overall, I don't really think the contract status is really a factor in all this. Berglund, Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo were never going to get much more or less offered to them on the basis of 1 shortened season. I expect they are largely aware of that. Stewart is the only one with a lot to gain or lose this season really.

I am disappointed that deals haven't already been done though. Armstrong comes out and says he is looking to deal picks/prospects for players signed to deals beyond this season, then surely it would help to have a firmer grasp on how much we'll have available going forward?
This is one of the best post I've ever read on any forum, well said.

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