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03-28-2013, 12:22 AM
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Rask-Trying to get a feel for the average Bruins fan on here, please help

Tonight is an easy game to pile up on Rask because he let in 5 goals.

In a few weeks we'll look back on this game, look at his save percentage and wonder why he isn't "clutch" and all that garbage. Same as that Buffalo game where Sabres got to set up a tent and champing chair in-front of Rask.

When I look at those goals tonight I don't see him having any chance on 4 of them, and the other one was not his fault. But that is just my take and I know all fans have their biases.... so I'm kind of curious as to who saw it different.

Goal #1) Ryder has 3 seconds alone in front of the net with blown coverage. (Rask stopped Ryder all alone a few moments earlier). I'd expect an NHL sniper with that opportunity to bury it.
Verdict: Not his fault

Goal #2) Puck goes through Pandolfo out to the point to Subban (Pandolfo's point man) who blows a shot past a screen off the bar and in. Tuuka didn't get to see it at all.
Verdict: No Chance

Goal #3) Ference gets caught flat-footed reaching for a puck (stop me if you've heard this before) leaving to a 2-1 that is horribly played by Hamilton --either you close off the shot or cover the pass... Hamilton did neither and it was a perfect 1-timer.
Verdict: No Chance

Goal #4) Rask comes out to challenge the shot as he needs to --shot goes high but terrible unlucky bounce off Siedenberg's face right back to Gallagher's stick.
Verdict: Terrible luck on the fluke bounce... no chance

Goal #5) Perfect deflection in from Chara right in-front of the crease.
Verdict: Brutal luck... no chance.

Then I believe he stopped the first 5 shooters --which should be enough to win the game usually.

Anyway, I would like to hear which goals he had any chance on tonight? Maybe it will give me some insight or I will learn something new.

To me, the problem is that we are giving up way too many great scoring chances but I'm always ready for an education and would like to gauge the fanbase's reaction.

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