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03-28-2013, 12:49 AM
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Is this a "two weeks" answer? (who says it has to be the day before playoffs begin?) Funny, I thought April Fools Day was a few days away. This entire saga has been a ship of fools. So the cone of icy silence has finally thawed. It's always quietest before the big boom. The ice is finally starting to crumble.

So LeBlanc re-enters the picture in this latest episode and claims the only way for Glendale to keep the Coyotes is with an AMF similar to the one Jamison couldn't even piece a group together to sign. And the odds of that happening with the current city council are...? Seems to me it's more probable there's life on Pluto than the city reapproving a >$300M AMF deal.

Question. Will Glendale/Coyotes fans accept this with sad resignation or will there be some kind of protest at the arena, kind of like what happened in DC when the Senators left in 1971?

Some excerpts:

As he warmed up, he could tell right away that the fans — who were chanting and hanging obscene signs — shared his emotions.
In the ninth inning, Murcer bounced back to the mound for the second out. And fans poured onto the field. They grabbed the bases, including home plate. They started digging up the mound and even ripped off pieces of the scoreboard.

Unser ran for the dugout. “I saw them going crazy, and I just hoped I could get to the dugout. It was basically you just grab your hat and run for it. It was a little broken-field running through the crowd, but nobody was after us, they were after souvenirs from the stadium.”
“I hollered, ‘C’mon, let’s go, get in there.’ ” With that, hundreds from the stands rushed crazily onto the field. Grzenda turned and saw them coming. He had thrown the last pitch in Senators history.

As a big, bearded man barreled toward him, Grzenda grabbed his red cap and wondered what was going to happen to him. “Was he going to tackle me? I didn’t know.” But all the man did was run up to him and touch him on the shoulder, “touched me, just like that.” In what looked from above like a kaleidoscope of chaos, players scurried to safety as people pulled up the bases and grass, and at least three jumped on big Frank Howard’s back, and others ran aimlessly. The game was forfeited. The Senators ‘ last season was over.

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