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Originally Posted by majicman View Post
Whileee... Watch Mc Masters, that is all I will say. Can't say any more.... Source... Sibat and others. Watch Cyprus, no need to boast...everything is pre-arranged.
Im not Whileee obviously, but welcome to hf.... now, as you embark upon your journey here, you will soon discover that David Lynch "cryptic" doesnt go over real big. I have no idea who Mc Masters is, less still Cyprus, and I rather doubt anyone else does either besides yourself of course. Are they both code words for something else? Like, The Owls Are Not What They Seem from Twin Peaks? Who or what is a Mc Masters? Where do we even watch this sentient or possibly non-sentient being? Website, blog, Scyfy Channel, where & when?... whats a Cyprus, boast about what... and whats "pre-arranged"?... So yes, welcome, an explanation if you please.

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