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08-10-2006, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
The slideshow coordinates with the song lyrics. The early pictures were things that went wrong with the team [Roy on the bench, Zednik in midair after the McLaren hit], and when the mood starts to be more optimistic that is when Gainey's face comes in. Watch how before that all the pictures sort of get further away as they come on the screen, but when Gainey's picture comes on symbolizing the turnaround of the franchise, it starts further away and comes closer which is a positive move in video editing standards that makes the viewer feel like Gainey is the first positive thing in that video.

A 10 year old couldn't have done that, maybe on the surface it is just pictures and video, but it was well done for those that weren't just looking to see dekes and dangles. Add to the fact that it is all centred around the song that the team itself comes out to the ice to, I think it is one of the best amature Habs videos I've ever seen.
Yes duh the setup and all is very well done, goes with the music and all but you know what I mean. I just pointed out that saying he could try to get the jobs on the site was a bit too much no? Yeah yeah I know he maybe just joked but image sliding on a windows movie maker isn't that wooahhhh

this is what a call good videos:

I know I know sorry I am like that I don't "overate" things like you guys do for that video

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