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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Seeing that fight in the AHL where PB beat COlton Orr (close though), combined with his undefeated record in the NHL I might actually lean towards him as having the belt now.

Orr has 2 losses.

Mcgratton isnt active

Big Mac is in the AHL.

PB is the champ, but its close
Im not taking anything away from PB, but when PB faught orr in the ahl, that was when orr was in his dark days, still recovering from a concussion, not confident because he just recently got sent down from the nhl and was overweight and did not have the stamina he has now. Orr completely changed his body type in the offseason and has all the confidence in the world now, sure he has 2 loses, but he has 10 fighting majors in and eastern conference where there is way harder competition. If you look at orr's fights alot of them go well past a minute and he continues to throw punches that are hurting his opponent. Sure PB is undeafteaed but im pretty sure hes only got 5-6 fights this year against guys who arnt that tough in the west. He had a good fight against rupp and a great fight tonight against one of the tougher guys in the league in Brian Mcgratton, ultimalty i think Mcgratton connected on more of his punches but it was still an outstanding showing from PB. But as for PB the toughest guy in the league, i think you need to hold off on that, Orr has been doing it longer and still has a better resume then PB. PB is young and an up and commer and next year or the year after that if he keeps racking up wins against tough customers then yes he will be seen as the best in my opinion. Right now id slot him in anywhere from 3-6 in the league.

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