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08-11-2006, 01:05 AM
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He is a good bottom two line guy and that will translate to the NHL..
Based on what though? Most people who watched him in Hartford frequently thought he was an average at best AHL checking center, and I also agreed with that.

And average at best AHL checking center does not translate into a good bottom two guy at the NHL level. Now if the guy were considered one of the better checking centers at the AHL level than maybe, but being a C player at the AHL level (and that might be being pretty generous) translates into a guy who does not look likely to be an NHL player let alone a "good" role player.

Just because better players were picked after him doesn't mean anything? How many guys WON'T make it to the NHL at all? It was the wrong pick but it isn't a reason to give up on the player. The kid was never projected to be anything more than a 3rd or 4th line guy. The fact that his developing into that shouldn't shock anyone nor should it be looked as a negative. The Rangers right or wrong never came out and said this guy was going to be the next Lindros or anything. IIRC they projected him to be a good checking line guy.

It's not a matter of everyone who was picked after him, it's that some people here knew it was a bad move and that's the reason. Now I give the team credit for their good picks but I'm not going to try and spin a bad pick either that isn't going to work out. Just like I don't say "WEll anyone could've gotten lucky" when the team finds a Staal or a Lundqvist, I'm not going to say "oh well how many guys after him aren't going to make it" either. For better or worse I like to call a spade a spade.

And Lee playing on the 4th line in Hartford has not looked like a guy remotely close to making anything remotely close to the jump to the NHL, even as a 3rd, 4th line player. And that is where the problem comes in, he HASN"t looked like a 3rd/4th line NHL'er. How many everyday Hartford fans have commented on him? None really. And there is a reason for that.

Right now the guy isn't even a blip on the Rangers bottom 6 forward prospect list. The guys who look to be heading that direction are the Helminen's, the Moore's, the Hollweg's, etc. etc. Lee is not remotely close to that area, it's a big reason why none of the Hartford fans or even the Rangers themselves have even made a peep about him in a long time.

Your right in that he was never compared to Eric Lindros, but there was a very pronounced Joel Otto from the Rangers to which most draft observers, including those on here responded with a resounding "Who the hell were they watching?".

Have the Rangers found some really good prospects? You bet, I could name off steals that they got in the last 4 years. But on the flip side of that, I'm also going to comment on the moves that weren't so good.

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