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03-28-2013, 03:07 AM
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Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
Canadians are not inherently smarter, but maybe we understand Cherry better than people from other countries.

Chris Rock says far more racist, vile things (in a certain context) than Cherry ever has on his worst night, and he is beloved by Americans as a terrific comedian. Are Americans not as bright or maybe are they in on a joke?

I would say that like Canadians with Cherry, they are in on the joke. Like Rock, there is a subtext that contains some truth, but it is presented in a ridiculous way for effect.

Grapes is not in it for the same kind of laughs, but do you think a guy who was completely serious would dress the way he does? Come on.

Those people who take what any of these commentators/comedians say seriously and apply it in a way to promote hate...I would suggest they didn't need much encouragement.

Chris Rock? Noooooo. Unlike Chris Rock, Cherry doesn't have an intelligent and thought provoking subtext. This is why Rock can get away with extremely vile comments, while Cherry is just seen as vile. Cherry's words are taken more at face value.

More to the point. If Canadians are more apt to understand Cherry, why all the controversy? Why have his words spawned government investigations? Why have there been protests by segments of the population against him? Why have former NHLers threatened to sue him?

People like to be outraged for entertainment purposes, but Cherry's level of polarization does not exist unless (a) one is the greatest blowhard troll in history, (b) one's p.o.v. legitimately rubs many people the wrong way (c) many people do not understand your humor. One needn't be a Canadian, American, or Martian to understand this.

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