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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
What kind of points list accurately "ranks" players in order of who's "better". THAT sounds pretty ridiculous to me. I'd say Selanne had the better regular season for sure (played almost a full season, finished with more points). I'd still say Fedorov, when in the lineup, was the better player. The Fedorov that we saw as the Red Wings' best player that (disappointing) post season was also present earlier in the regular season - still managing 17 multi-point games as Yzerman's 1B (Yzerman barely managing a better PPG despite the difference in wingers between lines). I looked up Selanne's track record in that department - only 5 more multi-point games over those 11 more games, playing next to Kariya, and getting more total ice time than perhaps any other season of his career...

Which isn't to claim that Fedorov was necessarily better than Selanne; just that to claim Selanne>Fedorov in '99/00 is essentially a "no-brainer"? Seriously?
I do agree with the idea that looking strictly points is misleading and i myself definitely am guilty of doing it from time to time. But at some point points and games played do matter.

23 point difference and 14 more games is not a small gap. Maybe Fedorov was better when in the lineup, that is debatable, but he definitely was not 14 games worth better.

I don't see why it would be so debatable which had the better year. Selanne's team did not even make it to play-offs and Fedorov played whopping 9 games with 4+4. So no, i don't see any reason to think that Fedorov had better year. Regular season or RS and PO combined.

You can go and claim Fedorov as being the better player and you might even be right, but he definitely did not have better year than Selanne. There is no way.


I don't really see what you are going for with the multi-point amount. Well, i do understand the centence, i just can't grasp the idea why having 5 less multi-point games in less games played would have anything to do with which had the better season.

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