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03-28-2013, 06:43 AM
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To answer the question in more depth: the Flyers are not as good as they appeared last year. They are better than they appear this year, but by how much it is hard to say. Last season this team was riding on waves of emotion, and defeatuijg the Pens in round was our emotional Stanley Cup, and now we've had our long Emotional Stanley Cup hangover.

Basically take every problem the team had last year and magnify it: few 60 minute efforts; late starts; sloppy defense and defensive breakdowns; inconsistent goaltending; suspect PK; horrible second unit PP; lack of discipline... And then subtract most of the good aspects. Our "comeback" magic is no more. The Flyers used to thrive on having three lines of dynamic offense that could quickly pounce if the opposition came into a lull. From the opposition's stand point, we were hard to matchup against because on a given night any line could be a.serious offensive weapon.

Our only offensive weapons this year come on one line, its not hard in this day and age to shut down a one line team. Beyond G and V, there is too much dead weight on the roster. I think Schenn and Couts were screwed up by T.Murray a bit, but it would be shameful to expect them to be large offensive contributors. Likewise, injuries to Hartnell and Read compromised their effectiveness. Simmonds has not been as good as he has been offensively but I appreciate his fight. Briere has been a blackhole. Every other forward has done nothing to help the cause.

The team has lost its spirits, but it wasn't well designed, especially for how Lavi wants to play.

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