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03-28-2013, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by NHRonin View Post
Rebuilding? Seriously?

This team is 21-7-4 and you want to blow it up? They certainly aren't playing well right now but the complete overreaction of some of you guys right now is utterly confounding.

The Bruins need help in the defensive zone. No puck movement, bad turnovers no getting it out of the zone, poor back checking, leaving Rask helpless, etc. Seems like Seidenberg, Ference and even Chara to some extent have forgotten how to play D.
Seriously. Rebuilding by selling off a bunch of 25 year olds as well. What a brilliant strategy, LMAO.

The idiocy really comes out in full force when something bad happens to the Bruins. It's like people lose all grip with reality and can't think with any rationality at all. I get being frustrated, I wanted Iggy as bad as anyone, but do we have to make this place unreadable with knee jerk, flat out insane posts? Christ...

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