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Originally Posted by Dutch Frost View Post
Well in actuality we have the potential torch bearer in Robinson Cano... now every one is different as Jeter was no Mattingly and Mattingly was no Reggie. Some are Flashy and others are quiet but with everyone hurt all eyes will be on Robinson Cano to step up.

Is he up for the challenge remains to be seen but stranger things have happened in baseball. Robinson has matured a lot and we can hope he steps up.
Here is the thing that I think younger Yankee fans will have a hard time digesting.

Jeter, Williams, Rivera etc. these were lasting byproducts of the G. Steinbrenner pre luxury tax era.

With that said the Yankees have a great brand that, as long as management doesn't screw up, should serve them well.

IMO the Yankees will always be strong but not dominant and years missing the playoffs will become more common than many are used to.

In other words going forward the Yankees will be just a little more ordinary.

But hey its better than being a Mets fan! Believe me I know..........Oh how I know.

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