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03-28-2013, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by DoMakc View Post
Gentlemen, your 2013 HC Donbass...

Head Coach: Lemaire
Assistant Coach: Robinson
Captain: Goodfellow
Alternates: Mikita, Zetterberg, Graves

Mohns - Mikita - Kurri
B.Stuart - Zetterberg - Martinec
Graves - McKenney- J.Pronovost
Pandolfo - Skov - Keane
U. Nilsson

S.Savard - Goodfellow
Neilson - Reise
Keith - Ohlund


Graves - Mikita - Kurri
Goodfellow - Mohns

Pronovost - Zetterberg - Martinec
Keith - Savard

Penalty Kill:
Skov - Pandolfo
Savard - Ohlund

McKenney - Keane
Neilson - Reise

Savard - Goodfellow

Mikita 154120
B. Stuart150015

S. Savard182424
Planning to review a few teams during this assasination period, will start with this one:

1st Line: Really like the line, Mikita and Kurri especially. Mikita was the type of person that did everything you would want in a hockey player. Kurri was more or less the same. Mohns is the strong "weak link" on this line but on a line with Mikita and Kurri that's a good thing. A great 1st line.

2nd Line: Your 2nd line is more or less the same. I really like Zetterberg, he and Mikita play a similar game. Stuart seems to be the muscle on this line. Don't know much about Martinec but he should provide decent offense for your team.

3rd line: Another good line. I actually had eyes on picking Graves for my 3rd line left wing spot. Really solid player who can chip in well offensively. Mckenney's one of the better checking line centres in the draft. Jean Pronovost was always good as well. Should be a good line that mixes both offense and defense.

4th line: This appears to be the weak spot for your team's forward group which is what 4th lines usualy are. They should provide adequate defense (Especially Pandolfo and Keane), don't think they'll bring much offensively though.

1st Defensive Pairing: Never been that sold on Savard as a #1 guy, he's pretty good defensively but his offensive game needs work, better suited as a #2 if you ask me. Ebbie Goodfellow seems to be a good 2-way guy. Neither seem to be suited for the #1 defensive role on a team which may cost you.

2nd Defensive Pairing: This is a solid pairing, Neilson is going to be one of the better #3 defensemen in this thing and will provide adequate defensive play for your team. Leo Reise appears to be the offensive defenseman on this pairing, should be a solid pairing.

3rd Defensive Pairing: No offense but I don't see what Duncan Ketih has done in his career to warrant being a #5 defenseman at this level. I think he warrants selection as an extra in this but that's it. Ohlund is a good one though, always been a solid defenseman throughout his career.

Goaltending: Gardiner seems to be 1 of the best all-time. I look forward to the battles between him and Worters throughout the season. Resch is a decent enough backup, your goaltending is fine.

Coaching: Lemaire is a good one on the right team. I think this is the right team for Lemaire's coaching style. I've never been a fan of assistant coaches in this but I think Robinson, teamed up with Lemaire, is a great coaching duo.

Spares: Hamill and Nilsson are both really good spares and should fill in well in times of injury. I like Rochefort as well, if you ask me I'd sub him in for Duncan Keith on the 3rd pairing.

Special Teams: No thoughts on these other than that Leo Reise should be there though, don't know who you would sub him in for though

Overall thoughts: Really solid team that is more defensively oriented, going to be a lot of close low-scoring games with this team. Good luck.

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