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03-28-2013, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Mylec 22 View Post
It's not even that they don't know much about with what's going on with the Flyers or hockey in general. But it's that they seem to actually have disdain for the Flyers. I heard someone call up a year or two ago and ask why they practically never talk about hockey, and Gargano got all heated up and likened Flyers fans as "cult followers". Then you have people like Rob Charry who openly confesses to not liking the Flyers at all. I understand how big the other 3 are, but in a city where the pro hockey team is also very popular, it baffles me that Philly sports talk radio gives hockey little to no attention.
IMO the biggest "cult following" in the city is the freakin Eagles. You want a team that is supported despite never having won anything? Case in freakin point!

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