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12-25-2003, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by habsfansam
Are we sure he was playing with big brother... i actually think he was playing with another Habs player: Josef Balej.

As for Marcel, i've got him in a keeper league and i'm a firm believer that he can and will be a very solid NHL player for a long time...

I'm also a huge fan of trying him at center... that is where his sucess came from. The only thing about this that makes me think is something i heard from Guy Lafleur a while back (maybe at the outdoor game). He said that when they played hockey you didn't call position... a RW could play anywhere on the ice. Perhaps when we are developing players we are limiting their potential ceiling by putting them in specified positions so early. Just a thought, i digress...

Anyhow, Marcel is young, big, can score, and can pass. Give him some time to find his confidence, and to learn his body and what is expected of him in the Habs... we have such a glut of forwards, he may not know where he fits in. Hard to work on any one thing when you don't know where you'll end up.

Merry Christmas everyone!
HFS, nice comments and Merry X-Mas to you and everyone as well!

I believe he did play with Balej (btw, he's looking good, isn't he? Seems to be responding well under Jarvis). However, I was referring to before that, back in Trencin. Regardless, the only point I intended to stress was that he's most comfortable at center. From my personal experience, I played much more unorganized hockey than organized (i.e. cumulative practice and game time), playing with usually the same bunch. Guys tend to fall in where they fit based on their own, and their linemates, attributes. I do like Hossa alot and hope he can find his way. Take care all!

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