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Originally Posted by VikingKarlsson View Post
Trust me electrical baseboards are not as efficient as modern day gas heat. There is a reason you can only find baseboards in older homes.

I would even recommend to anyone with electric baseboards to have them removed and have natural gas through exhaust installed. In the long run you would save a ton of $$.

Is gas cheaper? In your area you bet! Converting energy to direct heat efficiency. No its not. High efficiency furnaces are getting closer (96-98%) but you will always loose some energy to exhaust.

Dimplex states 100% efficient:

Lennox states UP TO 98.2% :

Stats Can article showing energy use for each type of heating :

The operating costs for gas is cheaper than Onatrio. To say that electric heat is found in only older homes is not true based on a national level. Look at Quebec. High electric heat used, even in new homes. Some can correct me, but I've heard as high as 70% of new homes in Quebec use electric heat.

Electric baseboard gets a bad rap mostly because, like you stated, they are used to retro fit older homes or shody additions. Most of the time poorly insulted.

I work in hew home construction. I have seen new homes that can be cost efficiently heated with electric baseboards, although not common ( ICF/R-2000/Passive heating design) Although I would personally choose a heat pump if gas inst available.

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