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03-28-2013, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by gto64dr View Post
I totally disagree. Bryz is the problem. Unlike other sports the Goaltender in hockey is the most important player on the ice. The team and the game begin with the goalie and works its way out. A great team can't win with a bad goalie but a great goalie can win championships for a mediocre team (i.e. Devils).

The goaltender needs to make the stops no matter and at all costs. The norm is for teams to give up around 2 goals a game and score three to win. That's why most teams that are competitive have a GAA around 2.

You feel sorry for him and feel he truly wants to win. Aw, thats nice. This guy make almost 6 million dollars a year to play a game. More than we all will make in a lifetime for one years work. His job is to stop the puck no matter what. Giving up 1 unearned goal a game is unacceptable let alone multiples. Players in this league are the best in the world. Stopping puck is difficult against the best. The great goalies do.

So cry me a river for him but the fact is he isn't cutting it and the team, which is loaded with talent is lost and demoralized by his lack of performance. He is the most important player on the team and is failing the team. The players are hesitant and nervous and no one seem to know what to do to get on the right track. But they all truly and deep down inside know what it's going to take and it isn't Bryz.
No offense, but I didn't win one cogent point in this post. You have some sort of personal vendetta against him. The argument about the fact that he makes money to play a game is a stupid one.

To call the Devils a mediocre team the years they won the cup is beyond ridiculous. They had two hall of fame defensemen and a great coach, not to mention a solid team defensive strategy. Come on, man. Great teams have won with mediocre goaltending. Did you even watch the Flyers-Hawks series? The Flyers made it with Boucher and Leighton! Leighton had 3 shutouts against the Habs for God's sake!

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