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03-28-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by gelu88 View Post
Interesting factoid.

I was reading about the Supporters shield, The supporters council, its history and all that (they made a new version this year that looks fantastic):

They are taking it on tour, from city to city, and it will be in Montreal on October 12th for the game against the Revs.

Given our current position in the standings, I was curious about our participation in the supporters council.

I was a bit perturbed to learn there is none. It's not an accident, I asked them and their official position is "We do not see the need to associate ourselves with this group at this time"

Another guy added "I don't recall the specific reasons now, but what I see is that we are REALLY independent. Worse there's certain really crappy groups in there."

I'll reserve judgment till I learn more, but I find that a pretty problematic position. All I know is that its gonna be pretty awkward if we win it this year...

Does anyone here know more? I consider myself an expert on the Impact as a team, as well as MLS and North American soccer, but I really don't know much about UM02 to understand this.
This is a pure guess but I think UM02 sees themselves as a more independent group and not technically under the direction of the Impact.

I think a lot of other groups in North America are more like the Molson Ex zone at the Bell Centre with club employees leading chants and paying for the tifos.

Just a guess.

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