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03-28-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
The Iginla trade makes me sick at what we have gotten in return for our first round picks in recent memory in compairson.

That said, I looked at the TSN article which reviewed trades over the last 10 years or so, and I can unequiviocaly say that Feaster got fleeced. He clearly was accommodating Iginla in this deal, either that or he simply is awful at his job.
Of course he was playing to Ignilia, That is the issue with elite players they hold all the cards. No Mr Uncle Fester I do not wish to play for a bottom feeder get a deal with a cup contneder then we will talk. The NTC forces GM's to get what they can from teams like the Pens. Who are in pretty good shape in the first place so they have all the cards in there hand.

Bubble teams are relgated to overpaying for the Gaustads of the league. Not that Goose does not have some worth he does, but DP had to overpay to get him and to keep him. As much as everyone would like that top name to sign here its just not going to happen. And settling for 3rd and 4th liners with top 6 asperations is long past old. Right now this team is so far from being a group to make a run than it has been since the first year making the playoffs. The pressure to make the playoffs in years past have placed them out of the draft position to build from within. The offensive picks less Rad have produced little. Taking a chance on promising college players has not paid off to this point. Now there are those that will rant BUT WILSON BUT WILSON. Well Wilson has yet to prove he will be a top 6 guy long term. Borque may well have a better chance. So really we have about what were going to have for the remainder of the year. And the playoffs at this point is a mathmatical dream. Yes they have feasted on some subpar teams of recent but that is not a true picture of where they really are. Its a trainwreck from last season to this point. There is a real confidence problem while playing more talented teams. 11th or 12th is really where this team is in the west, and looks to be where there going to settle out.

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