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03-28-2013, 09:19 AM
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Palo Alto Stories - James Franco

Saw this in the bargain section of the bookstore and always liked James Franco as an actor, but after picking up this gem I appreciate him more as an author, which I always thought he was brilliant as an actor.

Collection of short stories he wrote about various teenagers who grew up as children in the 80s and teens of the late 90s. Finally someone captured the voice of that generation I grew up in and he does it flawlessly. From parties to high school, friend dynamics, alienation and the cultural references of the time are done with the skill of a seasoned author, let alone this being his first book.

If he were to flesh out his ideas more into a full novel I think he would have the literary voice of that generation, like Jack Kerouac or Douglas Coupland did with Generation X. This is no small praise, the guy is pure talent.

Highly recommend, especially if anyone grew up in that era.


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