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03-28-2013, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Some changes, but not many.

We still want Galchenyuk very sheltered.

We're still missing a lot of injured players.

We're still going to have to drain Plekanec and Eller's stamina in shutdown duty.


We can reduce some of DD's power play time, and Halpern can play better shutdown than White could, so we can add defensive minutes to Halpern, remove some from Eller/Plekanec, and give them some of DD's offensive minutes.

Those changes are modest but they could mean a solid 2 points in the standings by the end of the season.
DD barely even touches the puck on the PP these days. The PP is so one dimensional now.

No one, aside from Plekanec & Ryder, is really producing as far as forwards go.

DD gets a lot of hate, but Gionta has even less PP production than him. Gallagher hasn't been producing either.

IMO, we should go with, for the PP,;

Pacioretty - Plekanec - Ryder
Galchenyuk - Desharnais - Eller

Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Gorges is undrafted and poeple seems to like him (in majority)
Gallagher is 5'9" and everybody seems to like him too (in majority)

A guy who gets major Powerplay Time
A guy who gets lots of ice-time
A guy who gets the majority of O-zone start
A guy who gets to play with the best winger on the team
A guy who gets to be on an all-offensive
A guy who gets to play against defensive minded-player
A guy who have only an offensive upside

That guy should be leading the team or at least being on the top 3.
But he is not.

That guy should be better than our 3rd liner playing with Armstrong.....but he is not.
That guy should be better than our 2 way center Plek.....but he is not
That guy should be better than aging 5'7", two-way line forward Gionta....but he is not.
That guy should be better than 21 years orld green rookie Gallagher.....but he is not.

That guy shouldn't be our worst defensive player.....but he is!
That guy shouldn't be our worst PP player........but he is!
That guy shouldn't be our worst offensive puck possession player....but he is!

That guy is Desharnais!!

You claim he would be a top 9 players on most team.

But what poeple should realize is that right now, he is producing as a 3rd liner with all the advantage of a 1st liner. So if you give him the ice-time/winger/PPtime of 3rd liner......his production would be even worst

P.S. Can somebody tell him that his junior move he keep doing in the Shootoout might word well in the Swiss LEague....but we're in the NHL
I'm not going to defend Desharnais because he hasn't been playing well, but a few questions.

Why no threads/posts about Gionta by you? He produces even less than DD on the PP. Gallagher doesn't produce on the PP either.

He is better than Gionta. Gionta plays, with right now, the best two players on the team and he's still not producing more than DD, who is struggling along with Pacioretty.

Calling DD the worst defensive player on our team ... is close to true. But I don't think anyone is worse than Pacioretty these days.

DD / Patches need to be split up.. and we need our depth back.

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