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Originally Posted by Marotte Marauder View Post
Well let's see if the stats support what I've seen or what you've seen. Kane positive in takeaway/giveaway dept. Bolland negative. Kane scoring, big time. Bolland invisible. Kane +/- positive. Bolland minus.
Are you trying to tell me that there is a reliable statistic to quantify defensive contribution? Because I would love to hear it. But if you are going to use statistics, you may actually want to get it right. Bolland is not negative in the giveaway/takeaway department. And his +/- is worse because he gets relied on far more than Kane in defensive situations. Its not rocket science.

Why Bolland isn't scoring? Amen choir: he focuses on being responsible on D.
I don't think many of us that don't want Bolland moved for a bag of pucks are making excuses for him not scoring. He is not playing particularly well offensively, there is no denying that. What we are arguing is that goalscoring is not an issue for this team, and that maybe his defensive play is allowing others, namely Kane, to thrive offensively. People, BWC in particular, are making this issue out to be a much bigger problem than it actually is. We lose a couple games with 2 of our top 4 forwards out and all of a sudden we have to make some drastic changes.

Why is Bolland minus? Amen choir: he's just unlucky with line changes or the stat plain sucks.
The stat does suck because it doesn't take into account the quality of competition the player is playing against or the situations the player is being put in. Bolland is relied upon in defensive situations much more than Kane is.

Why is Bolland bad at the dot? Amen choir: well he's always been bad at the dot.
No argument here

Why is Bolland playing poorly? Amen choir: he's hurt, has bad linemates, has good linemates, is disinterested in regular season. All of the above, mix and match.
Again, I am not making excuses for Bolland's play. I agree with Q that Bolland has just been "OK". Many on here are significantly overblowing how bad he has been.

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