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03-28-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Saundies View Post
Here's his Orr-esque rush:

Imagine if that goes in... Highlight of the Night and goal of the year candidate. I was like watching the entire time. If only he doesnt fan on the shoot and gets the puck up like he wanted to do. Man...

And yeah, I agree with you guys above about how bad it was that people were trying to justify that he get a bridge contract. And it wasn't just here, I frequent quite a bit of Habs sites and read all of the comments and some of them were just as bad/worse. Even on TSN when they'd update the contract negotiations there were cries of "Trade him! He's cancer!" Blah blah blah.... It really goes to show what some people REALLY know about hockey and hockey players.

Even last night, the Habs Bruins highlights were pretty much overshadowed with that idiot Julien's comments about SUBBAN embellishing, not just the team. And then it shows Marchand clearly raking PK's face with his stick, and Onrait goes "Subban draws the penalty." Then when they finish, it pans over to the biggest D-bag hockey has seen in years, Brad Marchand, and he's whining about how Subban embellished.

I don't know if TSN's that stupid, or if they're truly trying to besmirch Subban intentionally at this point because they have to pander to a Toronto audience. Nevermind the fact that he's probably going to get at least nominated for the Norris this year because he's playing so well, no, he's a diver because the "we-whine-even-when-we-win" Bruins claim he is.

Looks like he fanned on the shot a bit too. So close. He's had a lot of those kind of rushes but just could not finish.

Frankly, I don't care what outsiders say about PK. I love the fact that he pisses people off...and all he does is smile. Love it! The more criticism, the better he gets. It's like they fuel him to be better. Both Marchand and Subban will play together in Sochi.

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