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03-28-2013, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
I just can't see the other side. What is so terrible about going out and getting a big piece to help the team win. The other teams do it. What makes it ok for the Hawks to sit back and do nothing? What year are they building for? It's right there this season. I just don't understand what makes this ok...not only ok, but some of you are so happy to see this happen and I just don't understand how a Hawks fan could feel that way. Detroit fans, sure, other NHL Cup contenders, absolutely, they'll be laughing their ***** of at the Hawks and dismiss them as a top contender if they don't make the move, but here...we're all Hawks fans, we want to see them win the Cup.
What other teams are doing it? The Penguins? So far that is the only team I see "doing it". You are completely overreacting to ONE TEAM going out and making 3 trades. No other teams have done anything yet. The trade deadline isn't today! Stop fooling yourself into thinking the world is over because the Penguins have gone out and made a couple trades. The Hawks can still make moves, the other NHL teams can still make moves. The Penguins trading for Iginla doesn't mean they are now awarded the Stanley Cup and no other teams may trade ever again.

I don't ever remember anyone being this dramatic when a couple trades happen before the deadline. They happen all the time. And still, the deadline comes and goes and teams make trades with each other. I don't understand how anyone could freak out because one team made 3 trades for players the Hawks have no interest in. Seriously, all 3 players are terrible fits for Chicago. So why are we having a tantrum again? Because the trade deadline is now over? No, it isn't? Hmmm....I'm not quite sure what we are whining about then. Oh because the GM needs to trade for something NOW NOW NOW. Mommy, I WANT IT NOW.

I prefer to just sit back and see what happens. I trust that Stan will get a move or two done to improve our chances. We are still IMO the best team in the West and that is really all that matters right now. It is impossible to compare two conferences that don't even play until the last series of year. So far no Western Conference teams have done anything just like why don't we wait and see what happens? After the trade deadline if no moves were made I could see some complaints.

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