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03-28-2013, 10:05 AM
Richter Scale
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Wow. Talk about the most undeserving franchise there is to keep having **** go their way... Beyond frustrating. I'm with everyone on here who has said that all they want besides a Rangers cup is to see Pitt lose. They reached that level for me during last year's playoffs - but this is just icing on the cake for that sentiment to fester.

Anyway; that said... going to go ahead and call the Rangers sweeping the home and home they have with Pitt coming up. Boom. Laying down the crazytown gauntlet.

Also agree with people saying that despite the stacked forward corps and our seeming inability to win against them the past few years, I almost want to see them in the first round and face our demons rather than get the 6th spot and hope to avoid them. Their defense is still pretty bleh.

Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Stop with the Cup crowning. Their goalie is a sieve. All it takes is one hot goalie and goodbye picks, goodbye prospects, goodbye rentals and goodbye Cup.
I agree with the sentiment; the games still have to be played and anything can happen. But the bold is not true so far this year. He's had bad stretches the past couple years and was awful in the playoffs last year, but so far in this regular season he's been quite a bit more solid.

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