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03-28-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Capital O TEETEE 613 View Post
Give examples immediately.
Happned to Robert Lang:
"News: Lang's Achilles tendon was cut by a skate during Sunday's game against the Bruins, reports. [...]"

Happened to Kevin Biesksa:

"The team 1040 here in BC is reporting that Kevin Bieska is out with deep cut in his Achilles tendon. They are saying the skate went 60% through the tendon (no official confirmation from other sources). When the injury occured, you could see blood leaking out of the back of his skate. Freak injury, hope he's alright."

Happened to Jake Horton:

i saw on instrgram, that Jake horton was injured in Saturdays game. I never seen anything at the game but right after it other players were posting that he was have surgery on Monday He posted a pic(which was hard to look at) It showed that his Achilles Tendon was cut about 50% by a skate

Very few events like this are unique. Probably any amount of injuries in different configurations have happened in the 100+ years of professional hockey's existence.
Now, my question is whether Melnyk is going to launch a CSI for Lang's, Bieksa's and Horton's injuries.

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