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03-28-2013, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
--. --. Bryzgalov was mediocre. While part of the problem was a lack of ability and communication between the defensemen and forwards on moving the puck out of the zone, Bryzgalov was not good this year outside of a small stretch. He was not a playoff caliber goaltender plain and simple; a non-playoff caliber goaltender is quickly a back-up in the NHL.

--. Lack of a real back-up goaltender. There was no one to really relieve Bryz when he started to struggle. Most goaltenders have a reliable back-up that the coach can go to when the starter hits a cold patch. Because of the Bob trade, Bryzgalov really did not have that.
It seems these two statements are in direct relation to each other. I dont think you can just say Bryz has been medicore, when its very likely he has just appeared medicore because there was no one around to relieve him as you said. (Actually you CAN say that, everyone has their own opinions )

Its more likely Bryz would have looked much better if someone had played when he obviously needed rest. Those "small stretched" would have been a more consistent stretch with a compotent back up.

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