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03-28-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by ReimerForPM View Post
It's not on Wardo. The onus is on who gave Wardo the information from within the Bruins organisation. The person within probably had provided him with correct information repeatedly in the past. This informant told Wardo the deal was done. Wardo trusts his source, has no reason to question it, and reports it. Wardo deserves a pass
It is on Ward. He's the one reporting it. If the deal isn't done don't say it is. Say there's a deal in principle that needs to be finalized. That's what Bobby Mac did and it's what separates the pros from the amateurs.
Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
Let me ask some of you chastising Ward this question:

What do you judge his credibility on? The one incident where he made a mistake, albeit a big one; or the dozens of other times when he's been the first one to break something? He was the first one to confirm that the lockout was over, IIRC. I've also never seen him get anything wrong like this, before.

I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. He's still reliable and a legitimate source. People make mistakes. Live and learn.
He's lost some credibility here. People who bring up Eklund are really missing the point... the last thing you want is to be compared to that guy.

Ward is going to have to be a lot more careful going forward. Your credibility is not a boomerang, once you lose it, it's hard to get it back.

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