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Originally Posted by MisterDB View Post
Kingston met it's goal this year by making it to the playoffs, just by the way and were promplt swept away in 4 with a last game performance that was extremely dissappoint as they never showed up. They came out of the gates at the start of the year pretty good then did the typical Kingston thing, fell flat on their butts. 12 losses in a row, a GF and a GA differential of -56, the worse PP and PK in the OHL both sitting 20th, finishing under .500 at 441 a brutal team D, plus a couple of vets who were expected to have big seasons dissappeared isn't what I call a good year. I guess the only thing really positive was the offensive play of a few young rookies who carried the team but were absolutly brutal defensivly. The Front have a long road to haul and expect more of the same next year. There are some huge holes and huge issues to address, it remains to be seen if the GM can build a team and if the coaching staff can actually get the job done.
Kingston only had a couple of vets return 92-Alcock played ok, 93s-Greenaway and Moffat did ok, 94s-Jenkins was concussed early in the year,Dupuy played ok(hurt knee for a stretch) and Steele were the only returning vets and only 2nd year on the OHL for 4 of 6. I don't think you can count the only returning 95s Kujawinski and Hutchinson as veterans.Everybody else was new to the team,their goal differential was -102 last year with a better goalie so I see them heading in the right direction.

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