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03-28-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
Is it a disadvantage to have over a week off between games? In the NHL I know it is a luxury but I still don't like the idea. It seems possible to get caught off guard by a team that comes in hot.

Congrats Whalers but I am not overly emotional about the sweep after seeing the 1st game. If it goes that smoothly the whole way we'll be champions of the universe. Nothing worth winning is that easy.

Any predictions on who we'll face next? Which matchup is best for us? Owen Sound, Kitchner, or Guelph?
Long layoffs didnt hurt the Knights last year. They went 4Gs, 6Gs, 4Gs, 5Gs. I guess it depends on the teams attitude/focus and coaching staffs ability to keep them sharp. Velucci will have them ready, Im sure. Could go either way I guess, but I think its overblown.
A team coming in hot can burn you with 2 days off or ten.

Ktown would be the revenge series. Great goalie and maybe the best talent of the 3 you mentioned but also the softest IMO.
OS- tough team to play against, they are feisty, gritty hard nosed and play on the edge. Maybe short on depth scoring. Great goalie. Theyll leave a few bumps n bruises in any series
Guelph- similar to OS. Tough to play against but maybe not as much talent. The also walk the line and when their playing balls to the wall they are tough. Sometimes inconsistent and at times scoring may be an issue. Good goalie

Dont know Ply well enough to know who theyd rather have but Id guess Guelph.
It all depends on who wins the OS/Soo battle. OS wins, you get them no matter what. The Soo takes 2 of next 3. It can be Guelph/ Ktown.

Good luck Whalers and hopefully we see a London/ PLy conf final

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