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03-28-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I really dont know, almost impossible to even speculate about as its so far out in left field as to be... well... unbelievable. Gosbee could absorb the losses sure, but he's no fool, why would he? I'm not even aware of him having some undying passion for the game of hockey, not overly ego driven, low key in fact so thats out. Certainly you'd want control of the AMC, enjoined with the club no matter what unless were looking at some kind of new hybrid business model. Frankly without verification from Gosbee or his spokespersons Im inclined to think this is either false or possibly only partially true, that maybe LeBlanc has had conversations with the guy that have been positive or whatever, jumping the gun, running his mouth. Just doesnt make sense. Why now as well? The teams been available for 4yrs, and why Phoenix? That guy wanted in, couldve grabbed any number of teams. Could be some deep waters here though. Political ramifications, all kinds of things going on. Oil pipelines, serious tinfoil stuff.
My suspicions are raised when i hear that there are multiple parties involved in what may be a single new bid! Excuse me , but big hitters like Gosbee typically do not like small frys like MH or the Clowns involved in ownership! Honestly, what do either of these groups bring to the equation? In my eyes nothing other than their inflated egos and their need to sniff a few jock straps!

I also understand that some conversations have occurred regarding a deal between this supposed new group and the Suns management about combining resources to build a new building for both in Scottsdale!

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