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03-28-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by SnapVirus View Post
You are right. We should wait another year just to see Markov, Gionta and Plekanec get a year older and suck even more.Plus we all know, that they look at their best when they play a physical 82 games season, instead of a 48' one.

Seriously, this year we have no 'major' injuries in our top9 (Bourque will be back same for Prust). On a 82 games season our smallish forwards are never healthy. Plus we are starting to see signs of slowdown to Gionta/Markov. It's time NOW. Not next year. You never heard the proverb: when you see the train, jump on it? Waiting is not the key when you have an opportunity, because you never know what can happen if you wait.

HOCKEYSFUTUREboard is full of people always loving the future. But the future means **** if you never try to win. And now we have a possibility to do it. Well, we're one of the two best team in the East. What do you want more? A season with 0 defeats? It wont happen.

I'm not talking about trading Eller/Galchenyuk etc. Im talking about trading a first round pick, or one of Beaulieu/Ellis/Collberg/Kristo. Look what the Pens gave for Iginla (1st round pick and 2 ****** prospects). Its not destroying the future of their organisation and they have a much better team now.
goes both ways buddy.Galchenyuk,Gallagher,Tinordi,Eller,Subban etc... Will all be much better next year,plus you have the offseason + Free Agency to improve the club where needed without having to overpay at the trade deadline.MB said many times he believes the best way to build a cup contender is through the draft.Dont get me wrong Habs are playing great this year but I seriously don't see us beating the pens or the bruins in the playoffs.

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