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03-28-2013, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by IME View Post
Really? People always moan about holding media accountable for false reports. Here is an example of the crowd deciding that Aaron Ward lost credibility. The ramifications? (1) I bet he lost a bunch of twitter followers, (2) TSN will now question other claims he makes, making it almost impossible to break a story, and (3) Other reporters will now practice more due diligence (at least in the short term)

I am actually glad that this is a thread of HFBoards. In a time where anybody can report anything, holding someone socially responsible for an incorrect report is a great way to combat inaccuracy and shoddy journalism.
Holding the media accountable is a good thing, if they're a part of the real media who report on government and social issues. Who the hell really cares if a sports reporter gets something wrong? Anyone who is actually mad about this needs to pause and rethink their priorities in life.

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