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Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
Brodeur's '95 Cup run was pretty outstanding, too. Someone in the advanced stats forum suggested that relative to league standard, Brodeur's '95 run was more impressive than his '03 run.
Yep - I posted his 1995 totals above, but here are all three for comparison (all from ):

(SD = standard deviations better than an "average" goaltender, GD = goals prevented beyond an "average" goaltender, GAR = goals prevented beyond a "replacement-level" goaltender):

1995: 3.1 SD, 21.4 GD, 28.9 GAR
2000: 0.9 SD, 3.0 GD, 5.2 GAR
2003: 1.6 SD, 11.0 GD, 20.4 GAR

I'll throw in one more for good measure:

1994: 2.2 SD, 15.4 GD, 24.0 GAR

Overall, I've got him (career postseason) at 39 GD and 119.2 GAR. I prefer the goals above replacement metric, since a 0 GD suggests no value, but that's an average goaltender, and there's plenty of value in being an average NHL goaltender.

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