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Originally Posted by NewStingfan View Post
Another early exit which is quite dissappoining but all in all a good year. I think Jocko got a lot out of this team especially after losing Gally and Murphy. They had a very young team versus Plymouth and the match up was the worst they could of hoped for. Tigers for someone that I have much respect for your posts, you obviously didn't know Dave MacQueen very well. He was not a very good GM. In fact he did not even see Galchenyuk play in his minor midget year the year the Sting drafted him 1st overall. Also the reason Jocko is scouting all the time is because he wants to do it. It was his decision to let the head scout go. If you don't believe this, ask him. When I signed up I mentioned I was a friend of Jocko's and I still think he brings this team to the promised land before he is done. Cheers!
Where do you think I got my info from lol. Sometimes people are more honest with people in the league (or where in the league) with friends? Im not sure.

In regards to MacQueen, he trusted his people to do the right thing and implemented a plan. He was also the head coach, so like a lot of head coach and GMs (Beaulieu included) they don't see a lot of players over the year. The re-build was done because the Sting where in a situation that they now see themselves in, a young team who needed to be built. The owners pulled the cord because the timeline was not what they wanted.

You may not like MacQueen, but he brought in both Galchenyuk and Yakupov among others. He had a plan and put most of the pieces that the Sting had or used in the last two years.

Its now Beaulieu time to do the same, he did it in St. Johns, so now its time for him to do it again.

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