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03-28-2013, 10:54 AM
Phil Parent
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I'd like to think about what was happening in the Bruins locker room before the game with the guys being happy they were getting Iginla and none of them were going the other way.

And what was happening after the game, which they lost in the way they did, when they found out that Iginla had decided not to join them.

March 27th could be the date the Bruins season took a turn for the worse. Last night was quite the downer for them. You can't get a bigger shot in the balls than the double whammy of getting a win grinded away from you by your top rival in your building and then getting snubbed by a star player (no matter how old) you ABSOLUTELY had landed, but chose to go elsewhere because he could choose where to go.

What are the Bruins to think now? They have not been able to take the division lead away from Montreal for any significant period of time in a long long time and they just lost to them, and a top player CHOSE to be a Penguin instead of being a Bruin. So right now, in that room, a couple guys are telling themselves they are really no higher than 3rd best in the conference, and nothing special, really. And then you have a guy like Lucic who plays like someone who has decided he has made it and no longer needs to play as hard a game as he used to, a statement that also applies for Nathan Horton.

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