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03-28-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Between periods is also a good time to check-in with your team as a group and let them know about adjustments.
Sounds like this might be the best opportunity to address some issues. I find that constructive criticsm and general strategy is better received during the heat of battle when it's fresh and relevant and when you have immediate examples. It's more informal than a chalk-talk session or even a one-on-one with a player. Also, guys have their guard down and they still have time to correct mistakes and redeem themselves.

Start with the positive or what the team is doing right before getting into the negative stuff (i.e. "You guys are doing a good job with ____. If we could just do a little better job of _____ we put ourselves in a position to win."). If the buzzer just sounded on a brutal period, use the "turn the page" approach ("We got our ***** handed to us that period, but we can find a way to ____ / do a better job of ____ we'll win the next period."). If you try to win games one period at a time, that goal might seem more attainable. If nothing else, it builds and reinforces winning behaviors.

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