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03-28-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
Still, the coaching staff must have an effective counter-strategy, *especially* given that this defense is as common as you say it is. Now, whether or not they have put one in place and the players are simply not executing it is an open question, but not a known that anyone here is privy to.

Hell, one of the least talented teams (01-02) executed Maurice's system (that everyone loved to **** on) all the way to the SCF. If you are indeed correctly identifying the root cause of their problems, then I disagree that the talent level has anything to do with it, but could see that the player's brain activity (or lack thereof) might be a factor.
You're addressing two different things though. My point about talent had to do primarily with a lack of secondary scoring. On the point about the neutral zone, it's not a strategy, counter-strategy situation. It's about executing a basic play on a consistent level. Players have to be patient and stop the constant stretch-passing. That was Lavi's system but that's not an inherent part of Muller's. It's about simple, effective, short passes and having the forwards come back and help. This isn't a case of some novel system getting figure out.

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