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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
And you honestly try and make a claim that you are not crediting Fedorov with any hypothetical what if situations?
Ok. "Could" have been a Selke contender again, based on the surrounding years.

You are saying that we should judge Fedorov season as a 72 point Selke worthy season when in reality he played 65 games for 62 points and received zero Selke votes. This is really getting ridiculous.
I was pro-rating it to Selanne's GP to give an idea of what the offensive difference between the players actually was; the argument is not "what was the best season ever" but "who was the better player that season". If Malkin scores 35 points next season in 25 games with no Selke votes, and Datsyuk scores 80 in 70 and wins the Selke, who's better next season? Datsyuk has 45 points and a Selke up on Malkin. But your argument places Malkin as the better player.

Or, we have to judge Selanne as a 100+ point rocket richard contending forward for his injury years.
You mean the years in San Jose when he was playing full seasons and scoring 50-60 points, or the year when he scored 32?

I projected Fedorov's ACTUAL PPG to what Selanne played to get a "points number" of what their PPG looks like. I didn't guess at what he might have done had he been healthy and not focusing on defense. I'll admit, I suggested a possibility for that earlier in the thread. But nowhere did I say it was a "we have to assume this blah blah blah" as you just did. Going off of actual PPG is hugely different than assuming a large increase in PPG because the player scored at that level before.

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