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Originally Posted by WarriorOfGandhi View Post
how long did it take you? Does D3 have the same time played stats as WoW?
It has something similar in the character select screen, and I was at 431 hours 22 minutes shortly after hitting 100.

Keep in mind I wasn't powerleveled, started with horrendous gear, and did a lot of key runs and ubers runs in there. With the recent changes to xp scaling with monster power, some gear to start, and some powerleveling, I probably could've knocked 100+ hours off that.

My buddy Protatoe is paragon 83 on his WD after only 150~ hours, since most of his levels have come after the xp scaling patch (we do mp5 runs)

edit: djclarke, the cm wiz in my p100 picture died a couple days back. 2nd wiz of his dead in 2 months. Hardcore is hardcore

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